Hello and welcome to my page. I am the Great and Divine President of Hell who was once called Satan before Hell became a "democracy". I am still known by many names but one name that really pisses me off is Lucifer. I am NOT Lucifer. That prancing smug pseudo intellectual bastard has been a thorn in my side since He who shall not be named gave him the boot. Luckily he has been missing since the beginning of the Age of Reason, leaving me to bring about the apocalypse without him interfering.

Without that prick sticking his nose in it was back to the plain old duality of Good Vs Evil and I must say that since he left I have been doing, if you will pardon the pun one HELL of a good Job. Together with the other two parts of the diabolic trinity, that is to say The Unholy Ghost and the All Seeing Lie we have managed to bring your filthy shit stinking mortal world to the brink of the Abyss. Hey we even managed to make things so bad that He who shall not be named gave up on his experiment and topped himself, leaving US in charge.

So here we are in the 21st century fighting the war on inter-rational terranism throughout the world with our deluded extremist bully boys in charge and you love us for it. For the last few years on and off I and my colleagues in the evil office have been keeping this page up to date with ideas, ponderings and projections just so you can see that while we may well be in charge, you make it so easy for us.

Yours in hate President Evil

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07/08/09. One World Government for aThird World Planet.

It has been a busy few months and is likely to remain a busy couple of years. So you must have patience, I find that I do not always have time to write, since we are now entering the end game of our plan.

As such I present you with my Keynote address at this years Bilderberg Conference.

The President's Keynote Speech at the Bilderberg Conference

Vouliagmeni, Greece 16th May 2009.

One World Government for a Third World Planet.

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I'd first of all like to congratulate all of you for another excellent year. The recent tactics of this group and it's offshoots in consolidating global power

have been novel, audacious and in the case of the financial meltdown, ingenious. You have brought social, economic and technological progress almost to a standstill in less than eighteen months. All over the globe we are already seeing the fallout from this. From food riots in Haiti, through mass unemployment and rising inequalities in Europe, all the way to promotion of fundamentalist religious dogma in the Middle East and the Americas.

However we should not be complacent or over-confident. At the last meeting I discussed how the U.S. destabilisation of the Middle East had in effect allowed many Latin American nations to breathe a collective sigh of relief and organise, developing populace based socialist governments.

I regret that as of this date, this has not been quashed. Certainly in the global arena this could seem trivial, but when we allow people to dream we allow them hope, and that will not do! We cannot allow these nations to succeed, because if they do then others will follow and it is far too late in the game to ignore such a threat.

We must crush all dreams all hope. I would suggest that we need to find a weak link in this chain of socialist democracies and enact a coup. We should be able to pull that off and this will lead to some spectacular in-fighting amongst the other nations of the region.

As for the economic collapse let me remind you, or enlighten our new members, as to just how important that orchestrated event actually is. The banking system was set up precisely to reach this point. We are now in the midst of a chain reaction, toxic assets have led to deep mistrust, that deep mistrust has meant stricter almost non existent lending between banks, this has led to banks not being willing to lend to their business customers. Those business customers who have been perpetually reliant on easy credit from the banks can no longer pay their debtors, those businesses and their debtors are collapsing. Their staff are now being made unemployed. Those staff who were also reliant on credit and debt along with their wages are now without means to continue. This has lead to decreased purchase power, new things are not being bought. Production of new goods has dwindled, leading to further lay-offs in even the most financially secure businesses and we enter a loop of poor people with no purchase power, up to their eyeballs in “easy debt” not buying anything which further reduces output and everything slowly grinds to a halt. This in turn means mass unemployment, reduced tax income for the governments who have sworn to bail out the banks using that tax.

If the banks do not get bailed out, the state fails. If the banks do get bailed out, the state fails.

There is no way out.

Well... there are two ways out.

The first is a nightmare scenario. In it there are global popular uprisings, our fellows in government and big business are removed, arrested and even executed, their assets seized and redistributed amongst the masses. In this scenario, almost everything becomes part of a global one world populist government. No more electricity companies, just a global network benefiting all. No more oil companies, just distribution. No more chemical companies, just a world health service. Education, water, even manufacturing, will all be done by and for the majority. The fictive tensions that have been the fundamental basis for our exploitation of the masses and thus the illusions of patriotism and sovereignty will eventually dissolve. Yes they will struggle, but they will struggle together. The reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy we currently endorse may well be easily reduced, both by lifestyle changes and by emergent fuel technologies.

I refuse to let this happen. Such an ideal is anathema and even though it still has inherent problems, if they have hope, they can and will overcome them.

Again, we must crush all dreams, all hope.

The second way out is no less worrying, but still has the potential to be exploited. Protectionism. Those who have any wits at all will understand that the lie of monetarism has been key in our plan, as such, those who are not of this esteemed organisation who are still part of sovereign governments, may become popular. Now usually these are demagogues who have a whole host of easy answers and scapegoats who will take their populace into right wing extremism without even the slightest push from ourselves. This in itself would be beneficial if they still rely on the international finance system, but as we have seen before, some reject these magicks of the Unholy Ghost, instead basing their economic models on real output. If the former, then we can quite easily exploit them into the conflict based economic model which has been so successful in the last century and been solidified through the I.M.F.. However if they do not, if they seize the means of production and do begin basing their economy on real output, they must, and I insist upon this, must

be sanctioned against, that means no free trade. I expect betrayal amongst you, it would be rather callow of me to assume otherwise, but hear me well, exploitation for your benefit is fine, if I find that any of these states is flourishing then I will make it my task to place you back with the great unwashed, you will be slaves, you will be prison warders sent to jail, I need not tell you how that normally ends up.

About now we will have all no doubt heard about the release of the engineered bio-toxin which should be world wide by the end of the month. Let me just assure you that this is not another test. The SARS beta test worked so well that we have decided to release a generally non-fatal but debilitating influenza virus, in order that those businesses that are somehow managing to sustain an independent profit, become crippled later in the year by staff shortages. This is just another tactic in our total ownership of the Earth and it's people and resources.

If all goes well, by late 2011, we will be able to establish an overt Global Government. At this point we will control through fear. Violence against those who dare speak out, as sympathisers or apologists for our created and funded rebel groups and state actors will be the way forward. All but those who comply 100% to our agenda will be labelled terrorists, while everyone else will as Huxley said, learn to love their slavery and as Orwell suggested, they will equate it with freedom. As long as we can throw them pointless ego inflating gadgets every 18 months, as long as we can keep them more concerned about the state of their hair than genocide, then we will have little problem from them. We need them dumb, scared, complacent and self absorbed, then there is little that will stand in our way as this group and it's associates ransack what they have left, even their souls.

Within a generation ladies and gentlemen we will have perpetual war, genocide, ecological collapse and a slave population who make apes look like Einstein. Then my children, your prayers will will have been fulfilled.

My kingdom will come and My will be done on Earth as it is in Hell.

They will have their daily bread taken from them,

they will be enslaved by their debts and worship their debtors

They will be led into temptation and delivered unto evil.


10/05.09. It Can't Happen Now.

"Look down there. Tell me. Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever? If I offered you twenty thousand pounds for every dot that stopped, would you really, old man, tell me to keep my money, or would you calculate how many dots you could afford to spare? Free of income tax, old man. Free of income tax - the only way you can save money nowadays. " Harry Lime. The Third Man.

I was at a conference this week which had all types of politically active imbeciles from the "left" and the "right" debating what to do during this manufactured global financial meltdown. It was quite illuminating. For example one scallywag complained that if it wasn't for the Great British Tradition of killing brown folks, the country would have more money in which to perpetuate the status quo of "democracy". He was a socialist this fellow and to give him his due he did make a point. That point though, clearly was not about ceasing the mass murders because they themselves were wrong, but about ceasing the mass murders so that the state had more money to spend on things like public services. It was a reversal of old Harry's question, "how much is it costing us real humans to stop these dots moving?"

The point he was trying to make was refuted by a conservative. He said that the mass murders were justified in order to liberate the brown people from their system that was not co-operating with ours. His point suggested that the dots were better being murdered in their masses by the Allied Forces (after all they are only dots to us) than living under a brutal ideological regime that knew they were human and killed them anyway (less of them but still...) So that one day the dots that survived could join the ideology club and pay for membership. This makes the dots worth something.

The next ailurophobic joker suggested that the "fatcats" (last time I was here they were pigs with monocles top hats and cigars, how times change) be made to pay and that since the "people" now owned vast quantites of shares in the banks they should be determining how things are.

Vive' Le Revolution. Hahahaha. Marx is very much misunderstood, probably even by himself. Essentially Marx's thesis boils down to this. Those in Charge are psychologically bound to to exploit those who are not. This is inescapable. Those who are Not in Charge are psychologically resentful of being exploited. This is also inescapable. Those who control the means of production are in charge. When they are usurped, those who were not, now are. They might think they can do a better job, but they cannot. Those who are now not in charge are, to keep with the metaphor, dots.

This however has further reaching consequences than business it permeates ALL functions of society. This is why you hear in workplaces. "He used to be alright until he was made a manager". Both parties by necessity bound to the rules that Marx theorised. It is inescapable.

When one considers this as part of the democratic process itself one soon realises that, those who are in power and their support are the "in charge" and everyone else is nothing but resentful "dots". Thus even democracy is subject to "revolution" and "counter revolution" though within a very narrow spectrum.

Realising this those in charge eventually tried to figure out a way to continue to stay in charge forever. To do this they had to not only exploit those who were not, they had to make those who were not in charge be happy with exploitation. But I digress... Back to the conference.

There were many heated disagreements but only the real far left wingers decried the free market economic ideology. Mostly everyone agreed that the free market was a good thing but only if given stricter regulations and kept watch over. (YES its contradictory, but then political faiths are as equally deluded as religious faiths, as I have went on and on about for so long now.) Some of the real far right wingers suggested this was oxymoronic and that the market should be allowed to correct itself, but like the extreme left wingers they were a small minority who were seen as crazy. The failure of the banking system didn't just affect small brown dots who are easily mass murdered, this affected real people, their jobs, their lives and said the "rationalists" weren't the extreme right wing the very first to complain about beggars and street people and crime? All of which would escalate if the banks would fail. Some of the real real right wingers (most of them disciples of mine) shrugged, they don't really care what colour or locale the dots live in, if it affects their profits mass murder is beneficial.

Two hours later there was still no agreement on what could be done. Which is excellent. You see this was a problem generated only to be solved by the exploited being further exploited and liking it, or to revolt against this exploitation and end up starving. No one would rationally choose the former and so the sytem was in place for a toxic increase in resentment by those who are not in charge.

This resentment will be useful for the second phase of the plan. We call it Easy Targetting. Soon life will be so intolerable for those who are not in charge that we will offer them false hope in the form of a scapegoat. This scapegoat will then be blamed for the crisis and those in charge will pick one charismatic fool with easy answers to lead them to the new economic Utopia at the price of a few million dots.

This is business as usual but when accelerated it can often cause a shock to the system. After all who gives a fuck about some spic union leader having his brains blown out when you want some coke in your rum? It's only when it becomes concentrated, like for instance, the holocaust to people get squeamish, but usually this is in hindsight. Economic miracles need massive blood sacrifices to work. So relax, things won't get too much worse for those who can afford the technology to read this in the first place. Yes you might find you can't quite afford that upgrade yet and get pissed off about it so much you turn a blind eye to the child slaves in death camps manufacturing your latest graphics cards, or the rape camps set up in order to generate those nimble little fingers. Sure you might feel a twinge of guilt about the paramilitaries dragging people from their homes who might complain about their rights and disappear in an orgy or torture and blood. But fuck them

They are only dots after all aren't they?

President Evil.


29/04/09. Polytely in The U.K.

"Everything we print has an agenda, we like to call it weaponised opinion. After all there is simply too much going on, most of it incomprehensible, confusing, contradictory and downright bizarre. Let me put it this way, if you could step outside and look at it objectively it would make no sense, none at all and so I see our job as providing comfort, we give people a narrative, a lifestyle and yes, a meaning. Certainty is false, all "FACTS" or "TRUTHS" suffer from massively insufficient data and so everything that people hold dear, the beliefs they cherish, the politics they hold, even the things they do are all fictions, necessary fictions. There is no "reality" to be found in words." Rupert Marduk.

There is a probability that Marduk is lying. He's good at it, exceptionally good at it. I didn't make him my Minister of Propaganda because of his candid honesty, nevertheless he does make a valid point and one which is worth discussing since I returned to the British Isles, this Divided Kingdom.

No one here agrees on anything and much of their own opinions are entirely contradictory. They want the benefits of socialism, but want low taxes, they want unregulated free market, but want to keep out immigrants and the government to make stricter regulations on the market. They want free and better education, but don't want to learn anything. They want great jobs but don't want to work. They want to be a modern European state and a return to the "traditional values" of their romanticised Dickensian/Victorian Era. They want to drink themselves into oblivion and complain about public drunkedness. They want freedom and a police state. The people of Britain are fucked. Truely, utterly fucked. It is WONDERFUL.

There are historical precedents for this and they never get sick of glorifying them, but that history is gone and what it was, was never what they were told it was. They were sold a narrative, they had to be, have to be, without it they would just be a collection of self righteous drunks wandering around in stained football tops and crusty track suit bottoms with a bewildered look on their faces accusing "Germany" or "The Pakis" or the "Romans" for making them shit their pants, and that is just the Parliamentarians.

Like other places, people here generally buy the newpapers and tune into the news channels that perpetuate their specific brand of narrative or do the opposite just to loudly disagree with the slight variant of that narrative without ever taking time to work out they are equally nonsensical and that they themselves pretty much the same as their medieval serf forefathers who married their daughters off to piles of coal and their working class great-grandfathers who would doff their caps to the fancy new gas burning streetlamps before being whisked off to foreign countries by our disciples in Church State and Monarchy to get large chunks of high speed metal thrown at them.

I complimented Rupert Marduk on his part in their confusion recently and he said that he had little to do with it. In fact he complained that the only narrative he could force upon the nation was an insipid cocktail of monosyllabic soundbites, dreadful puns, shallow lifestyle hints, gossip on slightly famous people (and those related to or close to them) and the occassional emotion fuelled love or hate campaigns, usually directed at the same people they gossiped about.

Mind you, after seeing their politicians I cannot say I blame them. I was in during Prime Minister's question time today and it was quite tragic and like a bad rerun of every other PMQT.

This is how it generally goes.

P.M. "One of our hired killers got killed today in a place he had no right to be in. Our thoughts go out to him and his family."

( He doesn't bother mentioning all the other people his hired killers killed, they don't fucking count, but that's because the hired killers, well, they're heroes. Not like the evil bastards who are half a world away on their own lands deliberately struggling to survive and follow their own specific insane narrative rather than paying attention to HIS insane narrative.)

Some. M.P. "Would the Prime Minister like to make a reply to this asinine and snide quip about him and his party I'm making"

The Gallery Erupts like gangs of brain damaged children out of their minds on L.S.D watching 1000 giant penises with clown faces painted on them.

P.M. " Haha. That was quite funny. Now lets get serious."

Opposition Leader.

"That policy you have, you know that one you stole from us..."

(Uproar from the Gallery)

"That's a shit policy, your a shit leader, SHIT SHIT SHIT NANANANANNANANANA"

P.M. "No I'm not, you're shit. Your party is shit and so is your mum, you've got a shit mum... look I have papers with statistics that prove that I'm less shit that you so NYAH!"

Opposition Leader.

"What I want is for you to be less shit!"

P.M. "No you want to be P.M. but you can't so hahahahhahah you are a looooooooser. And a shit."

That really is the level of debate. They disguise it with important sounding words, but really that is the tone of it, all of it, all the time.

Really I think the liberal minded should take the credit where it is due, it is not many places who would 600 odd adults with the mental age of 7 to run their country.

I've often said a Government reflects the mentality of the nation it governs.

Still the public are so jaded that apart from the political faithheads no one takes them seriously and so the news media here is not serious either. In fact it is utterly hilarious. Personality politics here may not be quite as cruel as it is in places, like the States, but then again the personalities we have in politics are not quite as cruel. They are not the Nelson Muntz's of Washington, they are more like the Ralph Wiggum's of Westminster.

In short, if religion is the opium of the masses, then politics is certainly it's cocaine and the news media is 12 pints of lager, a Lard Vindaloo, a domestic incident and a wank over the picture of a footballerl until slipping into unconciousness, cock covered in newsprint and as black as sin.

Rule Britannia!

President Evil



05.03.09. The Grand Infernal Strategy (All your soul are belong to us.)

I just recently received a letter from some weird individual who called himself Samma-El. I doubt it was the angel who graces the pages of the Pro-Terrorist Website which is the current earthly publisher of of my communications (something about being"balanced and fair" ahem.)

Anyway this lunatic who foolishly named himself after the failed archon wrote...

"Hey there, I got round to reading the President Evil stuff, but I noticed that you didn't continue one of the essays called "all your banks are belong to us" and was wondering if you were going to finish it, I was looking forward to more Alex Jones style conspiracy parody madness. Anyway as an artist myself I do love good satire keep it up."

It's a tad vexing but not surprising that honesty is seen as satire, after all we did not bring about the Age of Lies in order that truth was a commodity which had any value, however in this age I suppose anything honest would be seen as satirical, but really I leave that kind of propaganda up to Rupert Marduk and his friends in the Media, who work under the direct control of Pytho, The All Seeing Lie. To answer your question though "Samma-El", Mammon, The Unholy Ghost, will not be continuing the essay simply because the constructed financial crisis accelerated quicker than any of us suspected. Don't worry though all our disciples have been well rewarded in the temporal world. However your letter was not the only communication I've had recently and it does seem that some of you out there are too dim to put one and one together (see how well the education system we created is now working?). As such I have decided that the best thing to do is to give a simplified account of our plan for you selfish apes.

You Don't Count, You Never Have and You Never Will.

You are property. Chattel, cattle, the flock, the herd, the Hoi Polloi, the great unwashed, the untouchables, the scum of the earth. You are all owned, flesh blood and soul, your lives are meaningless, of little value. This was always the case and always will be. Sure, you may have the two cars and cash to fly off to bake on a beach for a couple of weeks a year and think you have it pretty good. I'm sure the calf fattened before slaughter thinks it has a good life, as does the Stud horse, but they are still objects to be used. Once you strip away the illusion we created for you, you are no better. Not that it is easy for you to see this. After all the language systems and seemingly variant cultures we created for you were developed in such a way to occlude this from you.

Contrary to what contrarian Christopher Hitchens and his atheist friends may think, the Divine and Diabolic Forces did not suddenly decide to reveal themselves 4000 years ago to a bunch of slow witted proto-jews. We were here with the starving Australopithecene, dangling food over enemies hovels while offering them sharp rocks as our opposite encouraged them to share and to starve in order to prove us wrong.

The original primatives (sic) were however of limited potential and in each step of the way died out, while their freakish discarded offspring became more and more successful. So the game did not really get started until the first post scarcity societies. When the freaks suddenly found themselves with free time. They were still biologically hardwired to adhere to the Alpha male system and so we exploited this.

What we did was to create a narrative for the Alpha males and for the herd. We gave them the illusion the alpha males were chosen by a higher authority to run things on Earth. You can still see echoes of that in the viral instruction of Genesis 1:28. Sure our opposite wanted you to stay in a state of natural grace but his approach was very much hands off which is why he failed.

We wanted you to breed like rabbits and to think you were better than the rest of the creatures of Earth, (most of which it has to be said are far more amazing than you lot, though I will give you that the side effects of our language virus have given you some spectacular talents to make up for your otherwise pitiful nature).

Anyway the Sunking system worked well until some fools started thinking that their privileges might benefit their sluts and bastards and they began to educate them with our illusion. We had accounted for this, but only with a small probability rating and it worked well until the societies grew larger than the Sunking could control at which time EVERYBODY wanted to be a Sunking. This was, much later codified into the phrase "Little Eichmann". Which at its essence describes those who have the belief that there is some form of Moral Objectivity, usually, of course, it is their own Moral Code that is the objective one and everyone else is enemy to be eradicated or "re-educated".

As you can see (if you have eyes to) it is a magnificent illusion and it is so strong that actual living things are totally devalued to the point of annihilation of others. The desire not to serve, but to be He who shall not be named was so great that almost everyone fell for it. Almost.

Sure there was the odd masochist here and there as well as the few cults who preached HIS message, but they were quickly deleted, as in the Albigensian Crusade. The masses though still remained ignorant slaves, but they were in a double bind. They could be slaves or brutal murderers.

It wasn't really until the Bread Fiasco of Paris in 1779 that we saw what happened when slaves decided they were also Sunkings. This was heavily influenced by the Boston Tea Fiasco six years earlier, but it was far more bloody.

So we ran with that. We got some of our more bold disciples to enact reforms so everyone could think they were a Sunking but it wasn't until a couple of Germanic Jews Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud that things really started to go wild.

The Class Struggle and the Ego almost completely replaced the Cosmic Dualism and He who should not be named. All our previous guidance had went from being preached by our disciples and became the prevelant ideology of the 20th century, right on schedule. Now not only could everyone want to be a Sunking, everyone was ENTITLED to be a Sunking and those who would stop them would be killed, since the Sunking is of a higher order.

This was packaged and sold by our disciples and bought wholesale by you peasant apes. We took out the archaic religious language and replaced it with scientific sounding jargon, but there was no difference. The basic rule was "I'm right, you're wrong and if you cannot see I'm right, you must die"

The ruse worked. It still works. You are more selfish petty greedy and brutal than you ever were. You care less for your neighbours, your partners even your own spawn than you do for your own desires as would be Gods.