Hello and welcome to my page. I am the Great and Divine President of Hell who was once called Satan before Hell became a "democracy". I am still known by many names but one name that really pisses me off is Lucifer. I am NOT Lucifer. That prancing smug pseudo intellectual bastard has been a thorn in my side since He who shall not be named gave him the boot. Luckily he has been missing since the beginning of the Age of Reason, leaving me to bring about the apocalypse without him interfering.

Without that prick sticking his nose in it was back to the plain old duality of Good Vs Evil and I must say that since he left I have been doing, if you will pardon the pun one HELL of a good Job. Together with the other two parts of the diabolic trinity, that is to say The Unholy Ghost and the All Seeing Lie we have managed to bring your filthy shit stinking mortal world to the brink of the Abyss. Hey we even managed to make things so bad that He who shall not be named gave up on his experiment and topped himself, leaving US in charge.

So here we are in the 21st century fighting the war on inter-rational terranism throughout the world with our deluded extremist bully boys in charge and you love us for it. For the last few years on and off I and my colleagues in the evil office have been keeping this page up to date with ideas, ponderings and projections just so you can see that while we may well be in charge, you make it so easy for us.

Yours in hate President Evil

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05/11/08 OBAMANIA.

The office of the President would like to congratulate it's rising star Barak Obama for winning against a spaced out geriatric and a deranged MILF. It was a tough race but after eight years of the last administration I think we could have funded a puddle of blood streaked urine against the Republican candidates and still have won. Not that it makes much difference, but it is worth noting that both the All Seeing Lie and The Unholy Ghost colluded to make sure that President Obama had more money and airtime than Senator McCain. It was somewhat of a forgone conclusion, but to make sure (you fuckers with your fickle free will ocassionally, very occassionally do things we cannot predict) I suggested we manipulate the poisonous endtimer as McCain's running mate. Do you really think the Republicans wanted to WIN after the utter fucking mess that they made on our behalf?

No. It's time for the Democrats to do their janitor bit again. To make people feel like they have some control over the system. We ransacked the States, now we get our servants to clean the mess up a bit, then ransack it again, every time it gets a little better then a whole lot worse.

You see here is the thing. WE own the world. I know I've mentioned this before, but we do. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. We have always owned it, humanity is our produce and we give not a shit about them. Except... well we tried a little experiment ourselves. Much better I think that He who should not be named's self sacrifice tour of Galilee. We decided in the late 19th century to try and see if, given freedom, responsibility and similar opportunities to our elite servants, if you as a species were worth more than we thought. We called it liberalism. We got rid of slavery, indentured serfdom, gave men and women the right to vote, the access to free education and to healthcare. We gave you every opportunity to shake off our oppressive shackles, we even gave you the key and a map to a jobcentre.

Within 60 years you squandered it, prefering to live under the rule of tyrants and deliberately ineffectual rulers than to make life better for you all. you let continents suffer, drained them dry, exploited your kin and your fellow human for cheap tat.

The Experiment is over. You failed to prove you were worthy or capable of running things on your own. Your fault. Your tiresome ingrained prejudices and historical grudges meant more to you than your freedom. We do hope you enjoyed the time you had and know that as things go back to normal in this millenium there will be many who complain that it's a step backwards. Tough shit. The stairs were put there by us for you to climb and you wallowed about on the floor expecting those few who climbed them to lift you up the stairs or build a lift for you, if you were not busy trying to kill them for being smart arses.

Fuck you all. Let the games begin.

President Evil.



27/07.08 All Your Banks Are Belong To Us. (or how to own a planet in 7 generations) By The Unholy Ghost.

"Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws." — Mayer Amsched Rothschild


Money is an idea which is supposed to make trade easier between individuals or companies. Money is a symbol of faith, that is, that the money exchanged for goods is as valuable as the goods themselves.

In your current society, money is as valuable as the goods themselves because it is guaranteed by the government. How much money a government can guarantee is limited by how much actual money (through taxes) a government has. Thus you would assume that if a government had $1 billion in taxes it could guarantee $1 billion.

So the government releases $1 billion in government bonds. These bonds are risk free because they are guaranteed by the Central Banking System.

The central banking system then takes those bonds and converts them ( for a fee) into currency guaranteed by the Government.

So the government guarantees the bank notes and the bank guarantees the government bonds which they convert into banknotes.

Money from nothing. The money is not guaranteed by gold silver or anything but an act of faith. It simply exists because the government and the bank has told you it exists. It only has value because they told you it has value.

This is only the starter of our free lunch.

As I mentioned the Central bank charges the government interest for releasing currency. Thus the $1 billion magic dollars released costs the Government a rate (lets say 10%). Now this means that the $1 billion released costs $1 billion $100 million to pay back. So the government has a deficit and must either negotiate loans or raise taxes.

The Government, being in debt to the Central Bank, either increases it's debt or has it's people pay in REAL terms for the imaginary money it has created and has debt on. As such it has to negotiate with the Central bank.

The Central bank, becomes more powerful than the government.

Next I will discuss why.


29.05.08. ON TERRORISM.

First of all I'd like to welcome all the new readers that this essay will undoubtedly bring to my page. Hello to you paranoiacs, Howdy Eschelon puppets, shalom Shin Bet radicals, What-ho to MI5 and general greetings to all the rest of you who are employed by our allies to induce and exaggerate fear thus bring forth the End of Days. Thanks for upping my page count!

So. Terrorism. We all know what it is, yet none of us can agree on a solid definition, but the consensus seems to be along the lines of illegal actions committed with the effect of provoking a state of terror upon civilians, by a group, for ideological purposes.

This would make St George of Washington's "Shock and Awe" bombing campaign of Bagdhad as well as the attacks on the World Trade Centre Buildings perfect examples of terrorism. But I'm not here to judge. The Judge of All the Earth is deceased, I'm just here to encourage you're march towards mutual oblivion through stupidity before The Morning Star illuminates you to the knowledge of good and evil, which you still haven't managed to grasp.

I digress. Terrorism is an incredibly effective means of promoting social change through violent mean, but only if done properly. There is no use sending naive teenagers into markets with explosives strapped to themselves. It's self limiting and not as effective as it could be. If you have a cadre of dupes willing to sacrifice their lives for whattever "cause" you foist upon them, then you have the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, but even more so, you have the sharpest scalpel inthe world.

Consider that 500 of these idiots, given a passport and snipers rifle and a date to go off, could cause REAL terror in a city, or a country or even world-wide. 10 of them every week! OR you could have each one of them stalk a political enemy and assassinate them or die trying. (Old Hassan was a fine terrorist, he got things DONE!). By murdering your enemies raher than random citizens you would get more people on your side, but if it is terror for terrors sake, think how many people 10 snipers could pick off before meeting their doom. Think of the Chaos.

More organised cells could pull off something akin to the plane crashes into the world trade centres, but these are convoluted and extravagant propaganda and recruitment events, and will often work against you as well as for you. Al Qaeda may be being banded about as the Phantom menace, but it is more phantom than menace since the Yahwehsayrans decided to up the stakes and almost obliterate the means for them to continue. Now anyone with brown skin and a hard on for Jihad is an Al-Qaeda.

Of course the big problem is that for every one who thinks they are absolutely right and those who do not completely agree must die, there is someone else who thinks exactly the same thing yet disagrees completely with the former. Thus it becomes a sport. And every sport needs good coaches, funding and of course dedicated players. Just make sure you are not playing outside your league.


Good luck for the next season. May the stupidest bastards win!


President Evil.



03.05.08. MAGIC WORDS.

I'm a sucker for a good conspiracy theory. I always have, since through the most wonderful machinations of the human brain, they all inevitably fall back as me being their progenitor. I suppose it comes from the whole "garden" thing, sure I played my part in it, I can't deny that but it was that fuck Lucifer who illuminated you into the difference between me and He Who Shall Not Be Named, I was only trying to get you to be disobedient, not a quality well valued by the sons of Adam. So since all conspiracy theories followed to their illogical extreme invoke me, I do like to kee an eye out, especially for the more bizarre ones.

Recently I have noticed a wonderful reductionist revisionism in which Space Lizards are somehow repsonsible for the shadowy power elite who are called the "Illuminati". First of all, the illuminated, the real illuminati are hardly likely to be as blatant and dumb as people make out.

"Ohhh but...." I read, "the majority of people have the herd mentality and only those who can see their secret occult symbology encoded in our landscapes and media know the real truth!!!!!"

Hilarious. What these idiots are actually saying is they have been illuminated to the illuminati. Thus they themselves are an Illuminati fighting the illuminati who are not the real illuminati. They are just as arrogant as the power elite they suppose I control (I DO but trust me outside these pages NO-ONE knows that! You get what I'm saying here? No? Allow me to illuminate you further then...)

Apophenic or paranoid (take your pick) conspiracy theorists are in a state of heightened awareness to the patterns they choose to find to prove their a-priori theories that there is a group of people who have a state of heightened awareness and are using occult symbolism to subconciously control those who do not have a heightened sense of awareness. Those who are controlling the people who do not have a heightened sense of awareness are held in contempt by those who wish to control them, "but", say the conspiracy theorists, they have come to REVEAL the TRUTH to you and if you don't agree or see it then you are just a useless brainwashed dupe.

So now we have illuminati, illuminating the unenlightened about another illuminati and if you don't ascribe to their take once enlightened by them you are held in contempt by them in the same way they say the Illuminati thwey have attempted to illuminate you about hold you in the first place.

By not agreeing with them they consider you an ignorant dupe, or an Illuminati who works with the illuminati that they are trying to illuminate you about or you have become, horror of horrors, a third (or fourth if you think there IS a REAL Illuminati) strand of illuminism.

Do think about it, I know it sounds confusing but it really isn't.

Anyway, what I find even more amusing is the elaborate lengths they go to to prove there are occult symbols controlling you. "Oh look that looks like a Swastika, oh theres an eye in the pyramid see see?!!!" They harp on. "Look at that look it's an astrological symbol!!! That proves it!"

But that's not what we use. You want to know what we use?

Alright I'll tell you.

The following are some the real symbols we use to control you.


No Entry.



Buy one get one FREE.



Your child.


and of course COOL.

Let's take this last one and I'll show you how such simple blatant everyday language is used to control you.

Cool originally meant below room temperature but without being unpleasant as cold. This was what it meant (unless we want to get in depth about mountain passes etc but we don't trust me... ahem) until the 19th century where it began to be used as synonymous with aloof or unconcerned, usually in regards to wealth. So someone who would be cool would be someone who was rich enough not to bother about everyday worries, which is where we get the phrase "He's a cool customer." He is a wealthy customer and thus unconcerned about prices or debt.

The cool/aloof thing stayed in vogue somewhat losing it's relation to monetary value when it became very popular in the 1920's in the Weimar Republic and then slightly later American Jazz scene.

The word in this sense took on a greater meaning because of the idiosyncratic styles at the time but became even more prevalent within the drug cultures. Cool began to mean the detatched of a drug high as much as it did aloof. This was picked up on in a literary sense by the Beats and then with the event of Rock n Roll was used by popular radio DJ's who did not differentiate between the cool of drug detatched freeform jazz and cool of the 3 minute rythmic nursery ryhmes that were becoming more and more popular. By the late 50's early 60's cool had become equivalent to "good" but only in a fashionable slighty rebellious and edgy street credible way. Of course that era was to give rise of the post war generation who were given too much education to be effective workers but too little to be self actualised and realising this we manufactured the concept of teenagers. This was a wonderful tactic. They perceived of themselves not as boring adults or as children, they needed a new identity upon which to hang themselves. They wanted to be cool. Music was cool, clothes were cool, the guy down the road who sold pot was cool, the Black Panthers were cool, Tommy's dad's Cadillac was cool, the little shitty clubs they used to go to were cool, everything that was not overtly marketed or anything that was not establishment was cool. Cool became a culture they were proud of, without really ever grasping any meaning or ramification of what that culture actually meant.

It was a new kind of superficiality. Superficiality loaded with meaning but essentially that meaning was self absorbed and empty.

Cool became a habit word for everything they liked and they passed it on to their children who had even less of an understanding but were sure it meant something and they re-appropriated it for themselves, or so they thought. By this point that which was claimed to be cool automatically was the opposite. It became almost ironic to say something was cool, unless it really was at which point it was fine.

Many in our ranks at this point became a bit bewildered at the arbitrary nature of the use of the word and how to use it as a manipulation technique. But that generation did aspire to the 20's 30's meaning despite themselves. I admit, we lost many of them, but their apathy and knee jerk liberal cynicism was it's own reward.

By this time we had reached the mid nineties and the word had began to be passed on to another generation who had been so saturated by marketing and so poorly educated that you could call a shit cool and they would have bought it. We made all our favourite kids programmes and their favourite products brand themselves as cool without even ever mentioning the word overtly, but using it all the time in regards to everything we wanted them to buy. We send spies into their teen scenes, hired teens themselves to betray their clan, but you know what we found? They wanted it, they needed it, they could not decide on their own anymore. The word has lost every meaning it could have ever had, it was, an aspiration for whatever we told them it was.

Cool eh?

This is how we control the world.

President Evil.



22.03.08. The President's Easter Message.

Greeting Retarded inbred children of Adam, it has been a while since I have had the time to address you all, the Apocalypse keeps my administration supremely active, but since it is the time of sacrifice and renewal I thought it might be prudent to say a few words.

So since it is Easter, let us discuss the rite of the Scapegoat.

It is fundamental that people understand that the scapegoat is a sacrifice, that is, that the object to be offered up as scapegoat becomes a sacred symbol. Now this might sound simple enough at first but consider the will that it takes to actually kill that which is considered sacred, consider the power that is achieved when one overides the programmed conciousness and slaughters an object of adoration. Can you imagine the effort it would take you in willfully killing your child, or your mother or your lover? Could you, in your right mind, without passion and in full control even dare?

Consider this, Sons of Adam, consider what it entails for the pyschology of the individual, it is important for you to at least begin to understand the mechanics involved in such an act.

So the object of adoration is made sacred by killing it. No longer just a creature of meat, it becomes as I previously noted a symbol becoming an idea which is more potent in death than it could ever have been in life.

The sacred symbol becomes alive in the minds of the tribe. It exists as a kind of "exquisite corpse" in which the tribe come together in worship of the symbol as belonging to some higher state of existence.

So once the object is chosen and killed in a successful rite, it becomes a mental (or spiritual, for those who have little grasp that they are one and the same) form which communicates the idea of saviour of the tribe.

Saviour. Yes? Do you see the meaning yet, Sons of Adam? Really? I don't think so... keep reading.

Since the current festival has been sustained by the Jesus freaks it might be worthwhile to discuss that dirty little boy and his subsequent apotheosis.

First get it out of your head that the Jesus of history was one single individual. Jesus of history is an amalgam of Middle Eastern Fools reiterated down through the ages. A host of varied scapegoats made into specific soup under the banner of a single name. Jesus. Or more accurately Yeshuah. Let us look at that name.

Yeshuah can be considered as the hebrew Letters Yod Shin He Vau He. Now Yaweh or Jehovah is Yod He Vau He. So the letter Shin which is one of the Herbrew Crown letters and can refer to the ideas of sun and of spirit and of heart as well as the Highest triad in the Kabbalah, the union of spirit mother and father... the divine child. Further to this the sphere of the Tree of life that relates to this concept is tiphareth which is the heart sphere. This reiterates with the further mystic concept as the heart chakra.

Sorry to get a bit shitegeisty there but I think it important that you at least have an understanding of the tradition of where this fiction comes from. Thus the name Yeshuah can be considered a well crafted mental construct, an elegant idea. It is a composite symbol. By adding the Shin letter to Yod He Vah He we have god becoming Yeshuah son of god. Really if you want to understand how precise this concept it, you should do more research, but what's the point? After all you either know already, or you deny all the evidence and consider the mental realms as being nothing but delusion and imagination or you are tied to the Bible version and the ludicrousness of "faith".

Anyway the Jesus symbol is one of the predominant scapegoat symbols of the Age of Lies. but it is not the only one, some can even be considered "real" and it may well be useful to look at the similarities between them. So let us look, as a comparison to the Scapegoat who was once a man called John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Here is a man who despite being a somehwat inept political leader is clearly at odds with the orthodox power structure of his society. Somewhat a political heretic he manages to inspire the flock and heralds in a state of positivity and hope for his followers and then is killed.

He becomes the scapegoat and leaves a very exquisite corpse indeed. He becomes a symbol of revolution against the empire. Like Jesus, like Ghandi, like the favoured ram pushed off the cliff, he becomes a symbol of liberty and freedom against the orthodoxy. A Saviour to his people untimely cut down.

This is the outer message, the communication to the flock.

The scapegoat brings a period of positivity and then becomes in itself a symbol of positivity in death. It inspires the hearts of the flock to peace and love (and fucking in the streets *ahem*).

Now however, comes the apocalypse. The masks are off and as such I can tell you the inner secret of the scapegoat. The real power of the sacrifice.

For it is certain that the sacrifical offering is killed by the authority, by the Empire. By those who do have the will to murder, by those who wish to pass from the realm of the mundane world into the higher states of power. The release of mental energy involved in this action is not given to the flock, but taken by the individual who would sacrifice the adored creature. It is as that mad old hun Neitzche had it, the will to power, and nothing else besides.

In short the inner communication to the Shepherds, the true communication that is implicit even to the flock is this...

We do not care, do not fuck with EMPIRE or we will kill you, be you animal, man or god, it matters not.

This Sons of Adams is why we are supporting Barak Obama for President of the United States in 2008. Can you say Mannlicher Carcano?


President Evil.


29.02.08 Of Suck Poppets, trolls and the Failure of Moderation. (or h00 R teh R34L L337ers?)


(The All Seeing Lie)

I was going to discuss more of the tactics of control using various forms of argumentitive technique and to do this I thought I would research several internet forums. However instead of that I discovered something very interesting about internet forums in general and one specifically. To wit, Forums who have moderators are doomed to fail to be anything but a clique of self-congratulatory control freaks who are like a gang of kids in a playground who don't let those who belong to their little in-group have a fair say, if that is, they let them exist at all. This is not a bad thing you understand, it is a good thing that we further section off the out-groups making the schisms broader, creating more ideologues of our little authorities. We want everyone to be at everyone elses throat. There is no use in sitting on the fence trying to see both sides when both sides want to burn the fence down and destroy each other.

So being a creature made of lies I approached several ideological forums with heavy moderation in the guise of one of our Leet Republican Guards and as a control I approached another which had seemingly none (I could only find the one).

The results were very encouraging.

One forum was a forum frequented by pseudo-intellectuals of a liberal bent who wished to rant and rail with each other at the supposed injustices of Big GOVERNMENT! On a thread devoted to the War in Iraq I posted the following.

"Ppls STFU with teh links. If y3 iz seriuz, GTFO & du s0methinz r33l!!!"

At this point the pseuds complained that I was another 12 year old who did not have a clue and told me to piss off to 4chan /b/. (more about which later) In this instance I was encouraged to find that they were not actually interested in real activism, they were more interested in arguing every tiny disagreement into the ground, even though as a whole they thought that the war was a bad thing they fought about every tiny semantic point just to prove that they were right about being right and the others were wrong. This was excellent. Not only did they discard any motivation to actually do something, they took indignant exception to the fact that someone from an ideological outgroup was telling them to, if they were so concerned about the war, actually do something about it. Though they were in agreement about conflict not being the answer they were more interested in fighting about solutions than trying to solve anything.

So far so good.

I tried a second time. "U giz is s0 ghey. U iz 2 bizee goin FTW 2 do NEthin' U is just a fail /threat."

This little number was received with even more vehemence, who was I who could not even spell or write properly to tell people they were failures. They were at least discussing the problem, all I was doing was being a nasty little troll. Delicious, is it not? One wag even posted. "It's people like you who made this fucking war happen in the first place! Fuck off! Mods Ban this Troll!"

At this point I realised that they did not want to hear anything that shook their ideology that they were "good" people, righteous crusaders of peace. They did not want to recognise that all they were was little bickering collaborators to the War they made a pretence they were doing something about by fighting endlessly in their comfortable rooms on computers. So far the experiment was providing excellent results and confirming the basic hypothesis that forums are more interested in being in group cliques than they are than they are in developing wide varied group communication, debate and solution to common concerns.

. I did not want to jumpt the gun too much so I tried again.

"Lulz U asshat! Iraq gO7 it 7173 cus U ppl iz just Bling chane slavez! GTFO whinin bitches!"

This was followed by someone hyperlinking an article about U.S. foreign policy and by someone else quoting that post and disagreeing with the article and claiming another hyperlink source as the REAL reason.

I posted.

"Copypasta bullshit! FAIL!"

Then another post asked... "alright you little smartass troll what do you think was the real reason for the war?"

"U" I replied.

At this point a moderator pm'd me and asked me nicely to stop baiting people who were having a serious discussion. I Pm'd him back and said. "GTFO U-fag joker I has freedom of speech no?"

He sent me another post saying because I had used "racist or offensive language against another member" I was suspended for 12 hours.

This gave me 12 hours to try another forum. so I chose a forum for fans and addicts of the Good old Prince of Peace Jesus Christ. Discouraged by the atrocious spelling, bad grammar and light use of leet I was concerned that the posters may actually welcome me into the fold, love thy neighbour and all that bullshit. I lurked through the threads and joined to post on a thread called WWJD? (what would Jesus do?) in which posters whined about their tiny lives and being unable to cope with the most minute crisis without it turning into a greek tragedy and how they found that their faith helped them cope with things that a human should be able to cope with quite easily if they were not pandered spoilt bastards. One post was from a man who had failed his exams and thought of killing himself but knowing that Jesus was looking after him made him pick himself up and go and apply for a job he would never dream of doing (it was minimum wage). This bunch of fools then told him how much they supported him and it was good that he found the faith to go on even though he had a shitty job etc.

So I posted. "ROFLsk8zz U pussy! Teh wurld starves an U whine like a bitch bouts nuthin. WWJD? Cheez would club ye wif his X you is a camel eyez of the needle riding failure. Lulz."

No warning this time. Immediate IP. ban.

Luckily I know how to use proxies and went back on with the same name under a different account and posted. "WTF? I has B& cuz Cheez h8's U ppl? FU, grow a pair, & turn the other cheek if U dont liek wot I sayz!"

Some dangerous cretin said I actually had a point, which concerned me somewhat, but he and I were both shouted down. The moderators banned me again but I was not quite finished. So I joined again and went to another thread called "The Holy Land" which was much better in so far as the majority of posters were all pro-Jewish and Anti-Islamic christians who were looking forward to our great war blooming outwards from the middle east. So I wrote. "WTF? Jews has killed Cheez teh Islamz waitin on him 2? RU nutz?"

It seemed I killed the thread because no one replied. I was banned again immediately and after 3 hours of proxy browsing no reply. So I abandoned that site knowing again that the moderators were only interested in hearing consenting voices.

The next forum I "joined" was 4chan /b/ and I was delighted personally to find it filled with the most babbling foul and inane nonsense. However there seemed to be no moderation on the forum and one could post anonymously. This meant that leet was used almost uniformly and it's random nature and casual use of offense as a standard communication technique left me worried. Here was free speech in all its horrendous (yet glorious) forms, there was little evidence of any self congratulatory agenda about the site except from the posters many of whom seemed too far gone to affect. While impressed at the level of conversation and abuse something was not right here. I soon found out what it was.

They call themselves anonymous. Currently involved in an actual "lulz" against one of our groups "The Church of Scientology" this grass roots, independant group of individuals actually, on their own, have decided to wage a war on the Scientologists. I became concerned and did more research. This group held global (albeit small and ineffectual) protests outside the churches. They took down it's website, blocked its fax machines and e-mail, in short.... THEY ACTED.

Decentralised, without any over-riding ideology, bottom up activism. I was horrified! This free for all forum had done something other than just pat each other on the back or argue with each other endlessly. It created spontaneously an emergent self organising group of activists. The possibility that this anarcho-meme could spread is already being reseached by the evil office in order to see if there is any way these Lulzters can be controlled.

Reeling from this I returned to the Political table tennis forum of the Leftist Ideologues(though make no assumptions that Rightest ideologues are not exactly the same). Where they still bickered endlessly with each other about the things they all agreed with. I decided to up the game and went onto a thread called "Is Islam in Europe facing the same prejudice as European Jews?"

Everyone agreed they were, that what we were seeing was a concern and that something should be done. After 20 pages I realised that none of them had any idea what could be done to support their muslim brothers, so I made a suggestion. "Why dont U all convert 2 Muslim?"

Of course from this it was inferred by the ideologues that what I was saying was that they were all soft on Islam which was clearly a danger to the West. They assumed I was some right wing ideologue who was claiming they were all soft on terror, that I was a fascist, that I promoted genocide (of course I do but they were not to know that were they?) and also did sexual favours for St George of Washington. I really threw the cat amongst the pigeons. Except I didn't. What I did was give them a solution to their concern. If they, in support of their Islamic friends converted to Islam, then there would be much less Islamophobia. Since many of them railed against the Christian right, and Christians in general, I thought it might be a nice tactic.

"U infer 2 much asshats!" I replied.

No at this point they had convinced themselves that what they read into my words was what I meant. But the moderators were off my back for the time being and I was worried that this group might actually have some spine, stand up on it's back legs and walk. I let them go on a bit on this thread. Then some right wing ideologue did come on and claim that the Muslims in Europe were a problem

"because they were not willing to fully integrate and due to political correctness were allowed to bleat "racism" when they stepped beyond the cultural norms of the societies they had chosen to be part of but apart from."

Funny thing was that this person was treated very differently to me. They were patient with him explaining that yes they could see his point, but he was wrong because of this article and this bunch of statistics, which proved to them, who were looking for proof that they were right, that they were right. Mr right wing posted again lots of articles which proved to him that he was right and nothing was solved and the bickering continued. When Mr right Wing suddenly took a new tactic. He said

"if those to emigrate to a foreign culture do not wish to integrate into that culture why do they not find a culture to integrate into and go there? Could it be because the cultures they would otherwise integrate into are in fact backwards?"

For some reason this made the others go nuts and he was banned. Was it they could not argue with him or did the new crime of allowing oneself of being offended at will lead to complaints? I do not know. All I know is that the next post ended up with my banning. I posted this. "U ppl r a joke. U is 2 bizee pendantin' 2 B of ne use. U will all B V& arguin bout wot gas they is usin' 2 kill U b4 long." On reflection I should not have warned them, but I think it will make little difference. They will be asking for Pantene Pro V when they are marched into the "showers".

Finally I decided to try the forum of the Science cum "Rationalist" (ahem) Atheist community.

On a thread about someone being killed at school the original poster claimed that he was killed because he was gay, since one witness pointed out the victim liked to dress in make up and high heels. This lead to a rather bitchy debate between this semi-Leeter ideologue and some people who tried again and again to make him see that even his precious ideology was inherently muddled, which the semi-leeter took as personal insult and started flinging snide remarks at those who debated him while bitching that they were throwing snide remarks at him. Marginally worried that our leeter ideologue might change his mind when faced with cogent and reasonable argument I kept an eye on this thread, but I needn't have feared. He became as bitter and entrenched as a schoolboy ready to kill someone he didn't like and the debate schismed into glorious ideological farce and insult versus rationed and reasoned response. The latter made me nervous. So I posted, rather a long post but I thought it might be pertinent. If the debate could be short circuited then it would further ruin my basic hypothesis.

"It looked like it was personal between the two of them," he said, declining to elaborate.

Police said they had not determined a motive for the crime.

Keith said investigators had also heard that the victim was gay but did not know whether that was true or whether it figured in the attack. They were sorting through several other possibilities as well, he said:

"Which are true and which are rumor, we're trying to figure out."

OMG!!!! Like jump 2 cunclusins FTW!"

It was ignored. Which filled me with hope that the hypothesis I was working on was correct.

I left that thread be and tried another this one about Palestine and Israel. I knew the same entrenched ideologies would be found here and so I posted this.

" Israelis are isn't Jews. Jews is culture based on religuz n tradition.

ALL borders n nation st8s is political/religous fictionz. Nobudys gonna win till one gr00p wipes the utha out. Both sidez is full of fail."

Despite a reply from a non english speaker one of the glorious moderators pounced to chastise me . His post stated.

" Keep the text speak for text messages please, you have a full keyboard in front of you now. Please have some consideration for the many users who do not have text speak as a first language."

This of course was not a problem to the non english speaker nor a problem to the moderating team when one of their favoured members indulged in it in previous threads despite being asked not to, but "I w4z teh n00b" so it was obvious that I was automatically looked upon with suspicion and as out-group. Interesting that the atheist forum I joined seemed to exhibit moderators as heavy handed as the theist forum I joined. I decided to call them on the hypocrisy of berating my use of leet while not another. " Whut? ROFL! N4ce it wit everyppl or STFU"

For this I was given an "OFFICIAL WARNING!!!!" with the excuse that STFU was abusing a member. I was pm'd by the wonderful moderator and replied that it was not abuse it was an option, or was it only gay members of the forum who were allowed to speak in such a manner. To his credit, I was immediately banned. Further proof of my hypothesis.

In conclusion. I hypothesised that forums are more interested in being in group cliques than they are than they are in developing wide varied group communication, debate and solution to common concerns. I joined several forums as an out-group member identity and posted statements which were deliberately targeted to provoke each groups ideology without deliberately attacking any member of said forum. Unsurpirsingly the forums which have a specific ideology are heavily moderated, in other words the moderators are thought police which only allow cerain thoughts and indeed ways of communicating, others are forbidden, unless you are a member of their favoured ideological Group. These forums tend to be self aggrandising and filled with mutual pedantic bickering within narrow parameters which act as ego boosters to the members of the in group or they act as mutual support group. Both serve only to re-enforce those ideologies (see previous post "The Neo shepherds") at the expense of real debate. The forum which had no rules, no agenda and very little in the way of moderation grew a spontaneous group of activists who attempted to do something outside of any single ideological idea.

So in closing, I have to ask. Just who are the real Elitists, eh?