Hello and welcome to my page. I am the Great and Divine President of Hell who was once called Satan before Hell became a "democracy". I am still known by many names but one name that really pisses me off is Lucifer. I am NOT Lucifer. That prancing smug pseudo intellectual bastard has been a thorn in my side since He who shall not be named gave him the boot. Luckily he has been missing since the beginning of the Age of Reason, leaving me to bring about the apocalypse without him interfering.

Without that prick sticking his nose in it was back to the plain old duality of Good Vs Evil and I must say that since he left I have been doing, if you will pardon the pun one HELL of a good Job. Together with the other two parts of the diabolic trinity, that is to say The Unholy Ghost and the All Seeing Lie we have managed to bring your filthy shit stinking mortal world to the brink of the Abyss. Hey we even managed to make things so bad that He who shall not be named gave up on his experiment and topped himself, leaving US in charge.

So here we are in the 21st century fighting the war on inter-rational terranism throughout the world with our deluded extremist bully boys in charge and you love us for it. For the last few years on and off I and my colleagues in the evil office have been keeping this page up to date with ideas, ponderings and projections just so you can see that while we may well be in charge, you make it so easy for us.

Yours in hate President Evil

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1. The Witchfinder Principle.© (You are either with us or against us.)

In order for any authority within the age of lies to sustain itself it is imperative that language itself be controlled and reduced in order that all things conceptualised must be done so in the restrictive form of primitive absolutist dualism. Things must be absolutely right or absolutely wrong, without discussion and in fact preferentially with the villification of those who question anything as belonging to the absolutely wrong camp. Tolerance cannot be allowed, the individual must be programmed to totally accept and celebrate the promoted concepts of that authority while maintaining a complete hatred of concepts that the authority does not wish itself to be engaged or associated with. This must be ingrained in the majority of those the authority wishes to control to such an extent that it becomes autonomic within the individual and the group. In doing this the authority must reduce any complex argument that proposes anything but absolute acceptance to one soundbite which itself defines the individual who does not accept the authority's stance absolutely as a figure to be reviled. The list of these is endless dependant upon the agenda of that authority but below is a list of common authorities and some of words they will use to anyone who questions the absolute "truth" the authority is promoting.

The Zionists:

"Anti-Semite" "Nazi" "Fascist"

The Neo-conservative/Christian alliance:

"Terrorist Sympathiser." "Conspiracy Nut" "Liberal Dupe" "Godless commie"

The Feminists:

"Chauvinist" "Misogynist" "Sexist"

The Radical Muslims:

"Infidel" "Zionist" "Kuffar"

The Communists:

" Capitalist Imperialist"

The Homosexuals:

"Homophobe" "Queer basher" "W.A.S.P"

The Liberals:

"Nazi" "Fascist" "Neo-Con" "Theist" "Power Elite"

The Neo-Nazi's:

"Untermensch" "Jew Lover" "Nigger" "Nigger Lover"

The Homophobes:

"Fag." "Queer bait" "Ass bandit"

This list of authorities or slogans is by no means complete but it does give a small glimpse as to how the accusation or slur is easily used without rational thought to any argument without the argument being accurately processed. Once the authority has its in-group disciplined not to think but to automatically throw these accusations at anyone who does not give complete obedience of thought to them, the person with questions instantly becomes out group. This is also useful in rooting out anyone who is in group who thinks the querant may actually have a point and does not deserve accusation. If someone does this they are still showing signs of individual thought and dependant on the authority they can be ejected or re-educated. We call this technique, the Witchfinder Principle.©

The principle must be reinforced at all available opportunities by every means the authority has until it does bypass the critical faculties of the individual. This is done by constant villification of the out-group through repetition of the valued sound-bites. In larger authoritarian groups this is done through mass media, in smaller authoritarian groups through word of mouth and gossip. Due to the inherent resistance of the rational mind to these simplistic and nebulous concepts it is often important to make the individual feel guilt that they themselves may be soft on the out-group and using their own friends and family to reinforce this is also a marvellous technique. Victimisation is also extremely beneficial. In some cases this will occur anyway since the out-group is often involved in the same process with it's members and will perform acts of "hatred" against the individual or in-group, which itself will more often than not give credence to the principle without any effort. Failing a real threat one can easily be generated either through rumour and gossip, through mass media or in actualilty or even in all three(See Sept 11th 2001). We call this technique of reinforcement, Fearshaping.©

2. It's all Good (+=-)

Once the authority has unquestioning reaction rather than rational thought from it's members through the above techniques it must then perpetuate the myth that it is only ever engaged in positive action even if it is transparently obvious that it is not. It is not enough that the in-group are frightened and hate the out group, they must love you, they must think of you like a parent who sustains them, keeps them secure and gives meaning to them. Thus it is the responsibility of the authority to define the group and make them feel good about what they do and who they are.This is what Orwell was getting at with his concept of Doublethink, but Orwell was still an naive optimist who had little concept of just how powerful the media would actually be in assisting with authoritarians. However it is not limited to the media as we are not dealing with State Authority but ALL forms of Authority. So the message here is obfuscation of actual deed through positive language.

Let's look at a couple of "fictional" examples of how this can be achieved

"Dear Colleagues, great news!

You will be pleased to hear that as of next month our company will be streamlining its operations in order to make us more effective in this increasingly difficult and competitive market. We fully appreciate you have all given 110% over the last year and you will be relieved to hear that as of next month all that hard work will finally pay off and many of you will be able to take the fantastic opportunities of work sharing or moving forward into more interesting fields"

The content here is entirely negative but it is disguised in positive language and is much more effective than say.

"Dear Colleagues, I am afraid I have bad news.

It is with regret that I have to inform you that as of next month our company will have to make compulsory redundancies due to our ineffectiveness in making a profit for our shareholders in a cut-throat market. We would like to thank you for all your hard work but despite this we have no option but to seriously reduce the staffing levels, as such many of you will lose your jobs while otthers will have to be reduced to part time."

It is quite simple as you can see. It is easier to get people into the gas chamber if you call them showers and tell them they will be getting a quick wash before they leave.

In conclusion.

Independant thought is THE single most dangerous tool against any authority. By villifying those who demonstrate such thought as out group enemy and by constant reinforcement of the authoritarian values anyone who does not completely celebrate the authority rule they can be exposed and dealt with in whatever fashion the authority chooses.

Tolerance is not an option.



30/07/07 WHY Evolution AND intelligent design are

both wrong.

It's really pretty simple. If intelligent design existed then Young Earth Creationists wouldn't. If Evolution existed Young Earth Creationists wouldn't, the mistake is a basic one, all animals suffer their own curse of original sin which makes their offspring mutated and this has ramifications down through the generations which ended up getting soooo messy that He who shall not be named flooded the Earth to get rid of some of them (including all the incestous semi-immortal weirdos from the old testament. The ones he did like were saved and collected in Noah's ark (Noah was alone on that ark BTW and must have fucked every beast he could find.) And after the flood subsided all the weird animals who were heavy sunk to the bottom so archeologists could find them and say the Earth was millions of years old.

The Earth was Created in 1982, everything in it was given fictitious memories of different times and places. The All Seeing lie created human history to give the place context for Atheists and David Koresh was the real Messiah.

Copernicus Galileo and Ptolemy were wrong the Earth is flat but unlike a coin as bevelled edges.

What else....

OH yes! The Rapture came on August the 17th 1976 a full 6 years before the Earth was created, this was done to root out the sanctimonious cocksuckers certain they would be saved, we have a circle designed specifically for such wankers. The Sabbath refers to He who shall not be named's favourite band Black Sabbath (before he topped himself he used to listen to Supernaut all the fucking time). The fruit in the Garden of Eden was Elton John and He who shall not be named got SOO pissed off with him ripping off the Scissor Sisters that he booted Adam and Steve out of the Garden (which was in what is now known as San Franscisco) then his greatest error of all happened. He allowed Russel T Davies to write Doctor Who.

Of course I do not expect you believe any of that, but hey I don't care a quarter of you will believe any old shit anyway.

Wanna buy some magic beans?

TTFN Morons!

President Evil

24/06/07 Hamassacre!!!!

You gotta love them eh? Even if Saint George of Washington and his cronies were not doing such sterling work on my behalf you cannot fault the sheer bloody mindedness of Hamas in trying to assist in escalating things towards the Battle of Megiddo. Isn't it great? I mean all I did was fuck up some stupid filthy exile and his incestuous daughters in revenge for his smug attitude towards Sodom and BAM three religions which like the "Trinity" are all the one religion in different aspects and... oh you know all this shit. Anyway her is the good news! No one is coming to save you. Dawkins and Hitchens can pout and bicker all they want but as my loyal readers and servants know He who shall not be named topped himself in disgust at how stupid you are.

I mean it's not as if he didn't fucking know that in the first place. He was so worried that you lot had gained knowledge after my fruitful endeavour that he actually came down spunked in some Hebe bint and had her give birth to himself so he could finally find out the staggering revelation that you dont have a fucking clue what you are doing. You get it yet? You are stupid, he failed, I win. Now get back to reading your fucking bible and banning abortion, the more the merrier for the Apocalypse.


You wankers!


President Evil.



24/4/07 Guns don't Kill people, Video Games, Music, Drugs, Comics, Drugs and Sci-Fi Kill People.

I am so proud of you. Some youths walk into a school and shoot the place up and you blame Marilyn Manson. Another beats to death a tramp and another butchers a bunch of middle class students and you blame video games. This is brilliant doublethink when it applies to the U.S.A but be warned if you suddenly started to attack the Rag heads with issues of Spiderman, Playstations, Ministry albums and loads of grass L.S.D and cocaine rather than keeping it "in house" they might actually stop fighting their Jihad and stand a decent chance of stopping the war and lets face it if THAT happens my little rapture/revelation lie that Monkey George and his ilk have been programmed so well to believe by my ally the All Seeing Lie might be delayed and we can't have that. We has spent ages directing this plan and it is necessary that Monkey George continues to destabilise the Middle east so that the bearded goat-herders get so pissed off that Israel gets it like a nine year old at a NAMBLA picnic. At that point (by my reckoning sometime prior to winter 2009) America will have spread its militia so wide and thin that it will collapse and bring down the world economy and then the nukes will fly like 757's into financial centres. Conflict breeds character folks and you can't have much more character than a melted face and a bunch of children with freakish mutations. Speaking of which, I'm off to sodomise Ted Haggard and stick Meth up his urethra. Be horrible to each other.

President Evil.