I hads been lookin' forward ta Pontypool for a while. All I knew abouts it was dat A) it was a zombie movie (false) an' B) It had one set. (troo)

So I saws it da udder day an' I was well impressed. First of all Webster was all chuffed cos he said it was like a movie he'd make. So what's it all about?

(Spoilers in italics)

Grant Mazzy is a failin' drunk shock Jock wif a brain. He delights in bein' confrontational an' makin' his listeners feel uncomfortable, cos of dis he has been fired until eventually he presents morin' radio in a small town called Pontypool where da most interestin' fing dat has happened in ages is da disappearance of a cat. However one mornin' he goes ta work an all hell breaks loose outside. As he an' his crew sit comfortably in da station dey get reports comin' in first locally an' den internationally dat somefin' is seriously wrong with da good folks of Pontypool. Dey is goin' mental, is flockin' abouts gibberin' in mirderous an' suicidal rampages. Mazzy stays on air communicatin' wif his audience as da Armed forces turn up to try an' sort out da escalatin' insanity.

Soon we find out dat da reason da people is goin' crazy is because da english language has become infected wif a disease an' da people infected are goin' mad as dere mental immune system tries ta shake it off.

(Spoilers end)

Dis is a heavy dialogue movie which could quite easily be a play, small cast, one set an' in fact I believe it's been made inta a radio play. Da script is humourous clever an' vaguely anti-establishment, da plot falls a bit once da reveal has been introduced, but none da less dis is da type o' movie, like primer did for sci-fi, dat challenges da mentality dat horror movies must be visceral an' filled wif cgi.

It's great. Go see it.

Nine fumbs up.