Air. Or Air French Band, has been makin' quality bachelor pad lounge music since dere' multi-bulti-billion sellin' Moon Safari, which took a blender ta Floyd, an ounce of quality dope, Serge Gainsbourg, Tangerine Dream, Acker Bilk an' Stereolab and turned out a chilled out groove leadin' to an unforseens optimism in Europe, quickly pissed upon by Islamic an' Christian Radicals from da Deserts and Washington.

Still dat was den, dis is now. So what has da French duo popped out at us dis time? Certainly 10000mhz Legends was a bit sharper and not as lazy (in a good way) as Moon Safari, whereas Talkie Walkie and Pocket Symphony tried to recapture da feeling of Moon Safari but din't quites make it since unlike Moon Safari, many of da songs is pessimistic in feel. In many ways Love 2 attempts da same fing, but dis time dey has come up wif somefin' which is a nice balance of all da previous albums wifout goin' off da rails. From da big synf's of da single Do Da Joy through  da Gainsbourgese "So Light is her footfalls", invokin' Can an' da B52's wif  "Be A Bee" what we have is da familiar, given a wash, some happy pills an let loose.

All in all it does it's job, as it's meant to wifout takin' unnecessary risks wif da formula dat makes dem so good. Is it formulaic den? Yes, but unlike da Mars Volta who I criticised for not movin' forward wif Octahedron, Love 2 benefits from stayin' in familiar an' welcome territory.

All in all it's not gonna shatter da walls between dimensions or anyfin' but it's good fun.

7 Fumbs up outta ten.