Alrighty peepholes? Been a busy times of late. Anyways I hopes ye is currently enjoyin' me latest adventure. Yeah I knows some of it's desperately grim and some of it is possibly incomprehesible (Webster says it's all reprehensible an' makes him feel dirty workin' on it hehahahaha) but know dat it's nots just grotesque for grotesques sake. Still I fink ye monkeys gets a bit complacent 'bouts yer brats an' don'ts like ta confront da very real fact dat some of yer ape tribe fink dat it is perfectly acceptable ta brutalise yer seedlings. Some fings should not be sanitised and if I's offended anyones, good! Not like yer news is gonna challenge ye is it? Ye lot has monsters in yer midst an' ye still wander rounds wif yer heads up yer arses playing wif yer mobile yakkers while da monsters is tearin' everyfin' apart.  Wake da fug up!!!

So dat's my fishal pology.

Next weeks da canto continues, dere will be probably anudder 7 or 8 pages before Jeesymess an I'll be posting my end of year rounds up of movies games an' music. From da 25f to Da 2nd of January updates will be sporadic. (It's an if an when fing since Da Lady W is on Holidays AGAINS!!!) So check back if an when ye likes just don't expect much over da whole wastemass shenanigans.

Chow for now!