Hehehehe, it's been a rubbish weeks for Webster. Firsty his computy goes mental an' flings all his work inta da nuffingness of static den he catches illness an' insomnia an' is now all vague-headed. It's his own faults. I tolds him to continue wif me adventures but wot does he do? He ignores me an' goes ahead wif part two of Yesterday Next . Goods! Yesterday Next is a rubbish!

Anyways 'pologies for nots finishin' me Zombie Survival guide but I remembered dat ye is humans an' as such ofishally me enemies, so screw ye, go gets eaten!

Further ta all dis, here is wots goin' ta be goin' on on audleystrange.com for da forseeable future.

Yesterday Next will finish somertime Early in October. After dat we shall be returnin' to da Cantos an' Part Four will continue wif Abyss Road. Webster told me ta warns ye dat since he has a potential commercial project underway dat it may not always gets updated as often as is sposed to, but rest assured he will get on wif it (Ye cant's really complain cos it's not like any of ye ever pay him for all of da pages so far.)

Anyways ta all da readers of dis blog, fanks for yer time an patience if not yer cash.