For some weird reasons me blog of late seems ta be usin' up a lotta bandwidf. So 'pologies to dose who reads it. It's not my fault so many of ye does dat Webster's server dudes go bananas an' shut it downs. He's a cheap ass is Webster. So befores we go back to me zombie survival guide I just wanted ta say a few words bouts "Veckatimest" by Grizzly Bear. It's been out for ages, but Amazon don't deliver ta Hell an' our own net stores is shockin'ly expensive since da devaluation of da soul when da Genocide Bubble burst. It's all da fault of lendin' ta Sub-prime Governments. Anyway Grizzly Bear.

Webster first got inta dis, despite bein' a fat grumpy oldard he does likes some good music damn him. So as I wos always fartin' about at his while he doodled an' typed I gotsta hear it in da background a lot. At firsts I said he was a stone eared nincompoop an' dat he would listen to a violin get graped by a bunch of horny sheeps dat dis was pansy pop an' dat he should kills himself an let me sell all his stuff ta buy cakes which I would, at least, find enjoyables. In retaliation he started ignorin' me an doin' Yesterday Next just outta spite!

Still one day when I was comin' back from da Zoo, (dere was dis whole fing about da penguins wantin' a ceasefire...) I was onna bus when I heards da songs "Two Weeks" on da radio. I was annoyed at first until I realised dat A) da song was actually quite good and 4) Udder people liked it! I immediately jumped up onto me chair and shouted "DAT IS GRIZZLY BEAR, DEY HAS BEEN MY FAVOURITE BAND FOR AAAAAAAGGGEEEEES AN' YOU IS ALL LEWWWWZZZEEERZZZZ!!!!" Den I pointed an' laughed at da fools an da driver came out an lifted me above his heads an marched me all da way to da front of da bus so dat everyones could see how amazin' Audley is.

As I walked da rest of da way homes I couldn' gets da song outta me heads. I grew impatient an' was ready ta tantrum when I remembered I had me mobile. I foned da Webster an' said "I'm somewhere just outside Edinbruh come an picks me up in yer car!"

Da moanster replied, "Well the problem is Audley, I don't actually have a car nor am I legally permitted to drive one." From behinds his villianous chucklin' I coulds hear Grizzly Bear. He was tauntin' me. "What are you doing away out there?"

Audley was in no moods for hims so I shouted "BEIN' FANTASTIC!" an slammed me thumb down on da little red phone as hard as I coulds.  I stormed off determined ta gets revengeance on First Bus and Da Webster. (Dat reminds me, does first bus employ weirdos ta populate dere buses? Almost every time I get on one somefin weird happens.)

Early da next mornin' I snuck inta Da Webster's room of entertainin' fings I'm not allowed ta use wifout dere permission. I turned on his computy, an after accidentally breakin' somefin by presssin' enter an left mousey too quickly an too often, I had a small war wif Itunes an' finally I listened ta Veckatimest in it's entirety.

It's quite good. It's kinda flowy mellow fey sorta music, but from start to end it jaunts along nicely but manages to be melodic an' spikey all at da same time. I fink it would be pointless ta try an discuss any specific tracks since I fink it works better as a whole album.
I'd give dis eight fumbs up but I'm still not sure an enthusiastic initial response implies any longevity. (I stole dat from Webster, hehehehe, it's his major complaint about most pop music).

While we is on da subject of music, it is time for da Yearly Marsh Vaulter disc review. Sigh! Must I? Okay octagonad or whatever..
Octahedron. Well, it's not very goods is it? I means if de plopped dis out after De-Loused then it might have cut muster, but to me anyway dis is an album dat sounds like da concept is dey took two songs dey cut from De-Loused Frances, Amp and Bedlam an' tied dem togedder wif a series of single tones. Nuffin' new is derived from any of dis, it's not so much a Mars Volta Album as we has come to expect, which is often challengin' to dere fanbase, as it is like an advert of what dey has already done, a portfolio. Nuffin' much wrong wif dat, I guess, but Octahedron don'ts provide ye wif da same moments of "WTF?" hilarity dat ye gets upon listenin' to some of da more astoundin' tracks on any of da previous albums.

I's bein' harsh, sure, dere is nuffin' much wrong wif Octahedron, it's a good jumpin' on point for dose new to da band, since it seems quite accessable in comparison to say somefin' like "Tetragrammaton" an' it's spirallin' angular madness. So perhaps dis album shoulds be seen as an advert. Is they splittin' up? Is they lookin' for a new major label contract? Who knows?  All I know is dat while dere is nuffin' wrong wif da music on dis album, most of it's actually really good, dere is nuffin' on dis album dat evinces another step forward for this band in the way that songs like Meccamputechture or Soothsayer do, it's da It's The Mars Volta by numbers. Octahedron... eight? Nah. It gets 6.