Hey folks. You may have noticed part two of "Throwing Pennies at the Damned" finished. It was a tough one to write and draw and so the profane comedy is paused for a while. You may have seen the sci-fi cakin', if not check out Cakin' Wif Audley for full colour three pages of stupidity. Today I'm starting a short story called Tryb which is currently an experiment but which I have plans for it said experiment works. Also coming up soon is the conclusion of Yesterday Next and then I'll be slowing down as I struggle to satisfy the Sorority with a completely redesigned website. I won't be putting up daily pages as of the end of March because I'll be working on something to sell rather than totally free, but if everything goes well I'll stick up some sample pages of that. Don't worry too much though, I have plenty of Audley based craziness planned and the site won't ever go dead for any more than a few days (Well until June when I'm fucking off on Holiday)

As of July I'll be starting "The Wrongest Day" which at the moment looks like it's going to be at least double the length of Abyss Road. So I'll need a rest.

Thanks for all your comments, feedback and kindnesses over the last year. I hope you stay with us.