Right. Firsts of all lets get one fing straight. I hate Vampires, Drakilla's, Noseyfarters or wotsever ye calls dem, well  Mr Layne an' Mr Rhodes is alright, but aparts from dem I hates Vampires. Sure yer fictions might prtray dem as interestin' but dey is nuffin but blood junkie parasites, dat leechs udders life so dey can continue broodin' eternally.

So imagine hows excited I wos abouts true blood. How excited was I? Not, that's how excited. People'd been ravin' an' rantin' bouts it fors a while but I managed ta avoids it. Trash Buffy wif sexy results, dat's wot I imagined it to be. Den da udder night outta nowhere's da webster gaves me da first two seasons and said watch dem. I was not wrong.

Dat said. It's great.

I always knew it would be, I means how could ye go wrong? So my avoidance tactic worked! Now it's got comished for anudder 2 seasons at least.

So wot's so good about it? It's hard ta say. Dis show knows exactly wot it is an' has a lot o' fun wif it. All I knows is I watched dem all over da last four days an' enjoyed it immensely. Sure it's Trash Buffy wif Sexy Results but dat's wot makes it win! I's as surprised as anybody. I'm not tellin' ye any more.

Go watch it. Ensure a bright future for it.