So Da Wrongest Day has started an' ye mightsa noticed some changes to da main site. Dere's still more works ta be dones includin' Da Soror's who's demanded dere own page after dey mades an agreement wif da First Satanic Church o' Christ maintain da site after President Evil gots arrested by da Nocturns Inquisition. So expect some crazy nonsense from dem witches soon. (Webster conceded to dis after much complaint an' a visit by Nire' ((which will be depicted in due course)) which did not go wells for him.)

Also ye'll have seen a neophytes link which ain't as yet workin' dats cos it's not finished obviously, but when done it will be a summary of da site an' all dat's gone before an stuff.

Da Wrongsest Day is gonna be a long ones an' Webster gives his 'pologies for it's current infrequency. He claims it's cos he is working hard on da art an' is still a bit stiff after his holidays but give us his "assurances" (we all knows how much dey is worf) dat he will gets up ta speed soon an' keep a goin' until well inta next year wif dis one.

Off ta eat cakes.