Hello folks, it's Webster here. I've been ordered by Miss Strange to let you know that there will be no updates to the site over the next week or so, because, well, I broke my scanner by accidentally stumbling, standing on it, smashing the glass and killing the thing. No I wasn't drunk, I don't really drink, I was just careless.

Pity really. Anyway Normal service will be resumed as soon as financially possible, which means probably not until at least the 20th of the month. However I'll keep doing the work and that way when I do buy a new one there can be a big update.

As for the rate of pages recently, well I decided to try and up my game in terms of page quality rather than quantity. So I've been attempting to get better at my actual drawing again, which personally I think is beginning to show. There are 2 reasons for this, the first is that I was getting comfortable with my style and though I'd see how much I could improve and the second is because after this storyline and canto five (which will be quite short), and another hypocryphal tale, I will be attempting a graphic novel which while related to the story as a whole can stand separately on it's own. This will be called "The Flesh Made Word" and is in essence Niré Yehezatu's origin story, which I'm hoping will be of some merit which may encourage people to shell out cash for.

Anyway, check back after the 20th of September, until then, nothing to see here.