I's back after exceedin' me bandwidf. So a quick updates.

Yesterday Next part one is finished so Monday sees me back on me own website after da Webster's got tired of me pesterin' him 'bouts self indulgent drivel.  Yes folks Undeadageddon has arrived, dis is anudder daft hypocryphal story, a bit o fun befores we return to Part Two of "Throwin' Pennies at da Damned", "Abyss Road". which will probably bore ye as much as it did me when to endure Muer's long winded polysyllabic madness. Still dere is some big fights an' bloodshed in it so it's not totally dull.

Also along wif undeadageddon I shall be, on dis page, writin' an appendix on how ta survive da Zompocalypse. Remember folks it's when not if, so take Audley's advice an' ye won't end up scoffed by yer 3 month ol' zombie brat!

See ya on Mondays.