Avoidance Tactics.

Pedes Mortuus is generally easy ta avoid. Dey can just about manage to clamber up flights of stairs and dey will cluster in numbers great enuff ta smash froo most blockades, but dey cannot climbs. So rooftops is yer best bet in stayin' clear. Problem wif dis is dat rooftops ain'ts da best place ta seek shelter an' keep provisions. So, ye needs ta fink about tents or stuff an collecting a big enuff stash before ye hole up. However if ye is in for da long haul, ye is gonna hafta, at some point, walk amongst dem. Dis shouldn't provides much problem if ye foller Audley's 2 simple rools.

Never stay in one place for more dan 48 hours.

Dis is VERY importants. Cos dey will sense ye up in yer hidey hole an da longer ye stay da more will come, so after 'bouts 2 days, dere is a good chance dat dere will be so many in da area dat it will be almost impossible ta move freely wifout a fight, an' trust me zombie mashin' is much more exhaustin' dan ye would assume.

Keep to large areas.

Yer local store might only be 100 feet away but it's enclosed an' not only might ye find a zombie surprise waitin' for ye, but ye might also get backed up into a siege. So makes da effort ta find where da nearest enormo-mart is, find a good exposed route which is as straight as possible an' keep yer eyes peeled.

Aeger Cursor Mortuus is a bit more tricky. Dese dudes can climb, jump an' dive inta windows, but dere enfusiams for mayhem is greater dan dere smarts, so it is probly wise ta make sure dat ye puts stuff in da way dat dey can get caught up on, since dere wounds seriously affect dere mobility. Razor wire is perfect, but failin' dat, lots of planks wif nails juttin' out will impede dese scumbags.

Dere swarms are usually less massive, but what dey lack in numbers dey make up for in sheer speed an' aggression, so ye does need ta put yer finkin' caps on when findin' a safe place. Since dere numbers tend ta be small, some place which is reinforced is probably suitable an' ye don'ts need ta worry too much 'bout how long you stay.