Furtim Mortuus. Now ta avoid dis lot ye just has ta outsneak dem. Dese lazy scumbags usually sticks to dere own lil bit of territory, but remembers, dey does often pretends ta be dead, so make sures ye stay away from corpse piles an' stays in well lit areas. Obviously dis is gonna be difficult if da full blown zombie outbreak happens cos wifin a few days da power is gonna go off. Also, make sure ye are certain an area is clear before ye decides ta settle down in it, cos if ye is in da territory of a group of dese sneaky beasts, dere is very little chance ye will hear dem comin' for ye when ye sleep not ta mentions dat if dey knows ye is dere, dey will instinctively try an outfox ye wif dere feindish tactics. It should also be pointed out dat da furtives likes ta play wif yer emotions an' often leave babies an little kids alive as bait ta lure ye. So be alert an' remember, if it's not part of yer party it's not ta be trusted.

Alacritas Mortuus. Tricky. It really depends on da magicks or science used ta create dese monsters. Da only advice I can really gives ye is ta observe dere behaviours during da early days, dis mights be difficult considerin' da chaos an panic dat will ensue, but it really does pay ta know yer enemy. Da best fing about dis lot is dat whether they be created by occult means or by boffinology dere is usually a cure an' an antagonist who created dem so in dis case, GET YER BRAINS ON! Ye could stop it before it gets out of control.


Yer Stash.