Webster's been doin' spring cleanin' an' barred me from da house since da ends a January cos he says I makes too much of a mess. I demanded he gets his work up ta dates to which he replied "This story was meant to finish in March, piss off I'm ahead of schedule."

I told him dat if he had dones MORE work he could be even MORE aheads o' schedule but he ended up ignorin' me an' decided to catch a cold instead which was why dere was nuffin' much happenin' last week.

Now dat's outta da way. Reviews.

First Mass Effect 2.

Nows. I never played Mass Effect, cos at da time I was involved in udder fings. However after people droolin' about da sequal to me as if it were da Third Comin' (I recently founds out dat Cheesy DIDS return was a top Cathar an' got executed by da "Holy" Roman Empire), I decided ta avoids it dat is until Lady Webster boughts Da Webster it as a surprise. Grudgin'ly I playeds frough it from begginin' ta ends wif all da side missions an' assignments.

So yeah it's goods. It's not da greatest RPG nor da greatest shooter, but it don't haves ta be. Remember whens people says dat games couldn't match up ta movies? Well dis one does. Dis one is is super blockbustin' all action space drama wif a story dat is ACTUALLY engagin' an' characters dat aints morally exaggerated. It looks beautiful, plays beautifully an' is surprisingly full of content in an age where games 'cept for WoW is gettin' smaller an smaller.

I'm not sayin' much 'bouts dis since it's story heavy, but if ye likes big scale space opera den ye can'ts go wrong wif dis. George Lucas should be spinnin' in his grave.